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Senior lawyer lu-weiguo  

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The lawyer introduction
 Welcome:Senior lawyer Luweiguo serve to you.number:14003200310266881 arbitrator,he is a law professor.26 years and working experience;Honest、reliable and reasonable charge. 
lawyer introduction of weiguo-Lu

Lawyer of weiguo-Lu introduction

Senior lawyer Lu-weiguo  

Call :186 8148 3633

Ofice:11 floor D,XinHaoFang buiding nanshan district Shenzhen

Lawyer   of weiguo-Lu introduction

      Senior lawyer weiguo-Lu, Practising certificate number:14003200310266881 . served as an arbitrator, a law professor, 2002-2005 for shenzhen civil legal expert committee; 2006 as the shenzhen city road traffic accident and medical accident legal expert committee member; In 2008-2011 for the development strategy and system construction committee member; In 2011-2011,          shenzhen high and new technology and intellectual property committee.

Shenzhen city committee committee member, 21 years and working experience; Honest, reliable and reasonable charge.

Lawyer business capability profile:

      Engaged in full-time lawyers work 26 years, has accumulated abundant working experience. In handling the case in the process, I am a strong logical thinking ability, analysis the case point of comprehensive, objective, to seize the key; Coordination ability; Especially in to participate in contract negotiation, the case mediation, court debate, with strong guidance and persuasive.

     the existing assistant 2 people. It's known as the teacher of a lawyer.

Led by weiguo-Lu lawyer's legal team to provide you with high quality legal services, to undertake various types of civil and commercial legal services...

     Lawyer team lovells countries wish to establish good relations of cooperation with the social from all walks of life and thank the social from all walks of life to my web site of the concern and support!


民事案件 2000-8000元
Law firm profile

Law firm profile

The law firm's practice license:31440000MD01608616

within the Futian Commercial & Cultural Centre District. The office is well situated, close to the Western Corridor and Shenzhen Bay Crossing. The law firm   are graduates from the various famous universities of Chinaand also overseas. All are well experienced and have been in practice for many years.The law firm not only deeply understand the Chinese legal system but also continuously seek to give Clients the best solutions within the local specialised legal environment,   whilst strictly obeying professional morals. Values include loyalty, independence, diligence and taking responsibility. The service is professional, realistic, efficient and team-focused.